Monday, 7 March 2011


Several people have asked how we decide on our repair schedule for the Glenachulish.In order to provide a service we have to be licensed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (they give us something called a Passenger Loadline Exemption Certificate). Every 5 years this needs to be renewed and the MCA tell us what we need to do on the boat to be re-licensed (this year, new drive shaft, new vehicle ramps and lots of other stuff). We also have an ongoing repair schedule for hull plates and an engine maintenance schedule. For our 5 year inspection the boat needs to be taken out of the water to look at the drive shaft and to ultrasound the hull. Thats why we need to go to Stornoway as it is the nearest accessible slipway. The Glenachulish will be back in Glenelg next weekend when we can make a start on the painting and tidying up ready to start on April 7th.