Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What a day!

The sun shone, the BBQ was plentiful and the atmosphere was electric as Chicago's Stock Yard Kilty Band marched down the road towards the slipway in perfect unison (musically and physically!).
A spectacular aural and visual feast for the assembled crowd.
A fine day was finished off with an outstanding ceilidh at the Glenelg Village Hall with Duncan MacKinnon's band and spine tingling contributions from the cream of the US band.
Huge thanks to all who assisted on the day and evening and particular credit to Duncan and Jill who mightily impressed the Americans and to Andrew for creating a special atmosphere with lighting trickery...
Also to Shiela from the Glenelg Inn for sponsoring the ceilidh in her usual generous manner.

 More pictures are on their way.
If you missed it, you missed something special. If you were there thank you and, wasn't it a belter?!