Saturday, 21 September 2013


A new range of kids and ladies T-shirts are on sale at the lighthouse, on the website (  and at the Glenelg Inn.
Lovely - you'll need to be quick!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


What's the best so far? Send your suggestions to:
Chris Main - sub-aqua

John A Smith - Elgin Cathedral

Guy Robertson - Quinag

Grant MacLeod - Tough Mudder

Roddy McLeod at the Download Festival

Fraser MacLeod - Tough Mudder

Chris Garrick (Budapest Café Orchestra)

Around Britain Charity Journey

Mr Bernstein - Oregon

St Marks Square - Venice

Glenelg Holiday Club on a gondola, Venice

Notredame Cathedral - Paris

Glenelg Holiday Club - Venice
John Bointon in Cala Rafalet, Menorca

John May in Galloway

Roddy MacLeod sent this - some kind of medical (mal)practice perhaps?
Roddy writes: I teach med students at college of medicine in Dundee. This is sim man. He is controlled so students can deal with emergency care! He even breaks wind!

John Bointon in Washington DC

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ferry challenging!

Guy Robertson climbing Barrell Buttress, Quinag  in Assynt . He and his ferry T-shirt successfully completed the first ascent of "Beefheart" (Extremely Severe or E2). The extra adhesion it afforded on Quinags grooves and chimneys was nothing short of remarkable he told me – but not so good at keeping the midges off!

Now, that’s a gauntlet thrown down if ever there was one.  Got anything better than that?